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Lensmoor is a free, online, text-based RPG known as a MUD. The game features a medieval-fantasy world with humans, faeries, ents, orcs, trolls and more, including some original races never seen before.

It's a world in which players can be adventurers and quest for glory. Join religions in the worship of immortal gods who are role-played by staff members. Join clans and participate in group player-vs-player combat, or don't and join a peaceful NPK clan instead, the choice is yours. A world with no-classes, where anyone is free to learn any skill; where you can build the character you want and play the way you want to. A world with a gigantic wilderness surrounding over 200 unique zones in which to explore, quest, and role-play through.

Role-playing is not required to play Lensmoor, but is HIGHLY encouraged.

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You can view a more detailed features list here.

If this is your first time playing Lensmoor, please see our Game Guide!

Recent Game Updates sticky icon

  • Help File: Certificates has been added.
  • Help File: Custom items has been updated. WE ARE ONCE AGAIN ACCEPTING REQUESTS FOR CUSTOM ITEMS.
  • New Demigod: Athanos has joined the staff as a demigod.
  • Heroes: Characters with Hero Status may now leave religions; they must complete a title quest in order to explain their role-playing change.


Arjanne's Clan Death Match (Jun 19, 2015)

You lot, who have been traversing my halls with muck, harassing my guests, plundering my personal artifacts, and braving my dungeon: I challenge you to a competition! My guards report that there is a dispute amongst some clans as to which is the strongest. As it is nigh time to find out, you are all invited to my clan death match.

The event will take place in a special arena from which none can escape until the rest are dead. Each (pk) clan may submit as many warriors as they wish, and it will be worked out that each clan has an equal number of representatives (unless individual clans accept disadvantaged numbers).

As the Gods have provided heroes with abilities beyond normal mortals, there will be an event for heroes and one for non-heroes.

The winners will receive money and a personal prize from me. The losers who manage to kill someone else first will have money donated to their clans. Everyone will be recognized for participating.

Countess Arjanne

(OOC: To express interest, please send a world to Teon, addressed to Arjanne, or note Teon. If you have a hero and non-hero who wants to participate, both can, but only one hero and one non-hero per player.)

The Spring Faire Comes to an End - June 19, 2015

Disrupting the Fairy Court came with a cost; the Druids accidentally summoned twin treants, mangled by the magic of the Witch Queen, that trampled their way across the continents. Lensmoorians heroically dispatched the maddened monster destroying the countryside, but the beast still yet wanders Antrippa.

Spring Faire 2015 / Lensmoor's 18th Anniversary

May 18th was Lensmoor's 18th anniversary! To commemorate this, Matreya is offering players the opportunity to leave their mark in the game world: "Provide me an object and a location, and it will go into the game permanently. This could be almost anything--a slide in the playground, a memorial plaque, apple pies from your granny's recipe in the NL bake shop, a painting commemorating an epic battle..."

The Spring Faire has also opened. An RP event between a fey kingdom and a druid's council will unfold throughout the faire.

ClanFest 2013

An IN-Character event in which clans complete will be beginning on July 18th and ending on July 21st. There will be several events held during this window.

Obelisks will be placed in New Lensmoor and Antrippa City with which players may Clanfest Register their quest points prior to participating. When the event is concluded they may use Clanfest Finish to record the total amount of quest points gained during that time. The clan with the most quest points gained will win a prize for their clan.

Clans will face off in various other ways. There will be PK and NPK events. More information will be revealed in-game after the start of the event.

Please send any questions or concerns to Ssthyrys & Matreya regarding Clanfest.

New Feature - Lesser Religions

Known as Alignment Faiths, this system allows players to now dedicate themselves to an entire alignment instead of one specific god. Players have the option of dedicating themselves to GOOD, NEUTRALITY, EVIL, or CHAOS. This will show up as the following:

Worships: Alignment (good)
Worships: Alignment (neutral)
Worships: Alignment (chaos)
Worships: Alignment (evil)

What this means is that a player who follows an alignment is free to ROLEPLAY whatever they want. They could be a follower of Feywood, Brigitte, or one of the many, MANY other immortals that are no longer present in the game. They also have the option of role plying as a generalist, worshiping more than one immortal of that alignment.

What do I get?

  • The ablity to cast Holy Spells
  • The freedom to roleplay (OR NOT) being in the service of whatever past god you see fit.

How to Join

Post a note on the Request Board by typing: request new
Be sure to include which alignment religion you want to be set.

Restrictions: You may not be outcast.

To Leave

Post a note on the Request Board by typing: request new

Restrictions: You will be set outcast for a minimum of 5 days. You may request that outcast status be removed after that period. If you wish to join an actual immortal's faith, you will have to wait until your outcast status is removed.


Question: Why call it 'lesser'? it sounds like it has a lot more options!
Answer: It does! It has amazing roleplay potential; however, we still want players dedicating themselves to a single immortal, the old system has not gone away. This system is to give people an alternative. Points to consider when choosing an alignment faith:

  • NO clergy
  • NO faith chat channel
  • -15 level penalty for Holy Spells (No functional Holy Symbol)

Question: Can I roleplay worshiping a god of the other continent?
Answer: Yes you can; however, it is important to note that you will be judged appropriately by other players and gods. Most players do not want extremely negative things happening to their characters, and being publicly branded a traitor to your own lands may result in some very nasty things happening to you.

Question: Can I join one Alignment and roleplay another?
Answer: Technically yes, but in reality... Not really, people have ways to seeing which alignment you are sworn to vs how your character is acting, they will (in an in-character way) call shenanigans on you. If this was what you were aiming for, then yes.

Question: I've never fancied myself a roleplayer so I never joined a religion, but I want the ability to cast Holy Spells. For that reason can I join an alignment faith without roleplaying anything?
Answer: Yes, you have no roleplaying obligations in these religions.

Note: In order to maintain your Holy Spells you will have to keep within the mechanical rules of the alignment you picked. For example if you are a follower of GodofGood, and your personal alignment falls below a certain level, you will loose the ability to cast holy spells until your alignment is restored. The same is true for the other religions.

Future Plans

We WILL automate joining and leaving alignments and faiths in the future.
We WILL make other aesthetic and convenience improvements in the future.
We may adjust no-holy symbol penalties in the future.
We may adjust benefits to pantheism in the future.

Changes to Questing

In the past, we had to institute a temporary policy where Good aligned players should not be questing for evil questmasters and Evil aligned players should not be questing with good aligned questmasters. This policy was a crude bandaid to fix several large issues with the game. The policy has now been revoked.

As of now, you are free to quest with whomever you wish

With the following changes:

  • Group Questing will now affect your alignment, these quests will once again cause your character to shift between good, nuetral, and evil. If you wish to maintain your alignment, you'll have to quest for the correct questmaster.
  • The Quest Enquire command has been added which allows In-Character public knowledge regarding whom is questing with whom.

Angels and Demons still have their roleplaying restrictions appropriate to their races, and the god/goddess of each religion may or may not have restrictions as to whom may quest with whom within their religion: any such restrictions will only apply to their followers.