Freefall simulation (c) 7/25/1999 John Kallend
Purpose: to determine the most likely trajectories of (groups of) skydivers with different fall rates, given the fall rate, airplane speed, and winds.
Assumes: ICAO standard atmosphere. Diver maintains constant attitude with respect to relative wind. Exit altitude 14000' Opening altitude 3000'. one jumper/group takes 65 seconds to reach opening altitude. other jumper/group takes 50 seconds to reach opening altitude. Allows: different wind speeds at exit and opening altitudes. selection of altitude of wind speed change. selection of airplane true airspeed. selection of exit order and exit delay. All distances in feet, times in seconds, speeds in fps.

Plane Velocity (fps):
Upper level windspeed (fps):
Lower level windspeed (fps):
Altitude of wind change:
Delay between exits (s):
Faster Faller: